Handmade leather sandals

The REAL benefits of choosing footwear that’s ENTIRELY AND BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED…

It doesn’t take a fan of the movies ‘Hercules’, ‘300’ or ‘Troy’ to appreciate the comfort, style and beauty of the Greek sandal. Sexy and sophisticated, these sandals have been around for centuries – a quiet yet classic and commanding look, even for the Gods and Kings of ancient civilizations!

Kito1981 is excited to bring traditionally made Greek sandals to Australia, and the rest of the world, so you too can enjoy that “fit for a King” feeling.

With a dedication to and appreciation for the unique, Kito1981’s leather sandals are HANDMADE in Greece by the finest craftsmen who employ those traditional techniques that have been around for so long. A lot of time and effort goes into handcrafting each piece of footwear to give you a look and feel that’s unlike that of mass-produced brands. The unique and artistic method each piece is constructed by includes using the same leather for both the upper straps and the sole of the sandal.

The leather insole is also sewn in by hand. The attention to detail coupled with the finest materials ensures we deliver an exceptionally soft and flexible sandal – every time – and guarantees each product is entirely unique. Unlike some other brands, our authentic materials and processes means your sandals look and feel authentic for years to come!

Kito1981’s collection of beautifully handcrafted sandals is a tribute to the original handcrafted footwear, and we continuously strive to bring our customers a product that gets better with time.
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