Leather Sandals

Sandals are the oldest and most commonly found footwear, worldwide! Archaeologist’s uncovered a sandal from the Anasazi culture of the American Southwest which dates back some 8,000 years!
Ancient cultures such as Greeks, Mongols, Africans and Egyptians, all boast these sandals that have remained such a classic part of wardrobes for centuries.
Back in ancient times, wearing leather sandals was a sign of wealth and standing within the community, and even then they were dyed different colours for fashion purposes. Luckily, sandals are available to everyone these days and rather than a statement of wealth, it’s now a statement of classy comfort. Numerous celebrities such as The Beatles, Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis and Sophia Lauren flaunted their style in these unique sandals throughout the years, and leather sandals remain a popular part of our fashion industry STILL.

There are a number of different styles including:
 Gold leather sandals
 Gladiator style
 Slip on
 Lace up

Slip on leather sandals are a popular choice for the elderly or people on the move – easy to put on and exceptionally soft and durable.
Gladiators, lace ups and gold leather sandals are the perfect accessory for boho babes who want to make a statement! But, if you really want to see who wears these sandals and where to wear them, just look at any number of roaming philosophers and ancient Olympians, and modern-day island travellers, fashionistas and trendsetters!
Leather sandals have been worn in Greece for centuries, and it’s our mission to bring this little taste of Greece to Australia and the rest of the world. Ensuring our products are entirely authentic and unique, all our sandals are HANDMADE in Crete, Greece, using traditional methods for longevity, durability and comfort. With 2016’s spring/summer shoe trends heavily focused on leather sandals, the coolest of the season so far are flat sandals, minimal with 2 large criss-cross straps across the foot.
Kito1981 landed in Sydney on the soles of two sandal lovers - #twosandalloversmakeapair – and we continuously strive to deliver only the finest footwear to our customers.

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