Gold Leather Sandals

Gold Leather Sandals

An admiration and desire for beautiful GOLD possessions goes back to ancient Greek mythology and the popular tale of “King Midas” – and as you’ve probably noticed, it’s a colour and trend that is celebrated in multiple cultures. And as you’ve probably seen on the Spring/Summer 2016 runways, it’s not a trend that’s dying out any time soon!
Kito1981 is excited to announce the introduction of the hugely popular gold leather sandal, with a stunning variety we know you’ll love!

There are a number of reasons (from a fashion perspective) why gold leather sandals should absolutely have a place in your wardrobe – perhaps the biggest reason being their versatility. Worn by fashion icons and celebrities worldwide, it’s easy to see how these sandals can be worn for a casual day out or a night on the town. Ladies, whether it’s a beautiful boho dress or a day at the office, these sandals bring sophistication and style to any outfit. Gents, Greek Gods and Kings wore these… need we say any more?

From a comfort perspective, Kito1981’s gold leather sandals are HANDMADE in Greece using traditional methods which promote exceptional softness and durability. We selectively choose only the finest materials which our talented craftsmen transform into the beautiful collections you see available on our website. It is because of our appreciation for exceptionally handcrafted footwear that Kito1981 can guarantee no pair is the same.

Greek leather sandals have been around for centuries, and it makes sense that Gold leather sandals would enhance the overall beauty and style of this timeless footwear. Regardless of where you are in the world (as long as weather permits!) combining your outfit with these sandals is a subtle yet classy statement of taste and appreciation for all things authentic.
Browse our unique and inspiring collections to find your perfect pair of Gold leather sandals!